A Good Day – Oliver The Engineer, The Friend, the Cook

So today was one of those days where seriously I expected to fall into the same pit as I always do when I have day like I had yesterday.  And surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I do have to note I did break from routine and bypass getting my morning Starbucks Mocha because I figure I need all the time I can get.  I guess looking back at it now that it was the nervousness that was talking to me.  But I am happy I did bypass the coffee.  So to calm my nerves a bit, I decided to once again listen to another audio book.  Instead of Danielle’s book, I listened to Seth Godin’s Poke the Box.  Today’s commuting lesson was to just DO IT!  Don’t wait for anything and take action.  And also to pursue the curious mind.  However the most important lesson that I took from today’s lesson was to SHIP.  This was something also that was told to me from a very good friend during my trip to the World Domination Summit.  That will be for sure that I will write about soon.

So once again as my morning commute came to a close, I slowly drove into the parking lot.  Yet another surprise awaited.  Just like yesterday, there was a spot available to park in the nearest lot to the office.  What made today especially more awesome was that there was even more spots.  So I guess passing the coffee up today did help.  I got to work earlier and I had some amble parking to choose from.

Now heading up the stairs I just kept thinking to myself; “Oliver, you can do this.  Just stay calm.  You have this under control.”  I kept repeating that to myself as I went up the 6 flights of stairs to my office.

Maybe a subtle sign that today was going to look better was that I did have a little extra step in my walk, as well as it was Tuesday which meant that it was Tie Tuesdays.

Tie Tuesday is the one day a week that I wear a tie to work.  It was create with my friends on the 4th floor as a way to start wearing the ties we had a home and a way to make professional look good.  🙂  So for the last 7 months, I’ve been wearing a tie every Tuesday.  Which I happen to document with pictures.  Link Here.  So it has been a tradition that has made me feel a little special.

Coming to my floor and still repeating the phrase to myself, I hover my card above the sensor to unlock the door and I open the door, ready to take on what was awaiting me on the other side.  One deep breath and I went in.

Walking straight to my cubicle, I tried to not add to the morning banter at work but at least for now, I failed.  I engaged a bit.  Still trying to figure what they said about me.  I know most likely they didn’t say much about me but that’s just my lizard brain telling me that so that I can spend more of my valuable time trying to figure what they said and what I can do about it.  That’s something I will overcome.  But in the meantime, I talked a bit but soon after went straight to work.

About an hour into the work, I realized that I actually was going to get this done in time.  It was about then that my supervisor walked into my cubicle asking how things are going.  Told him that they are okay and that I was fixing some issues that I discovered I made while working late and that will have them done soon.

I will also now spare, you of the boring details of the rest of the day.  But as it turned out, I had a few more hours to spare and I actually did get it done.  To my greatest surprise I actually got most of it done.  Now is it actually good or not that is another story that I will write soon and I will let you know as soon as I find out.  Today just goes to show myself that when I’m on a mission to get something done, more often than not I will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

During the work day, I also was reminded that I had a hangout afternoon / evening with one of my really good friends Hollie.  Hollie, I met during one of my first photowalks that I did for the SmugMug group.  It was from that one on one hang out that we became good friends.  So today we chatted earlier about hanging out and catching up.  It has been about  close to 3 weeks since we even hung out.  So this was a good treat at the end of the day.

Today, Hollie ask me if I wanted to go walking with her and her boyfriend Steve at Mission Bay park for a nice afternoon walk.  And at first, I had to think about it, but then thought to myself; why not.  Since I worked throughout the morning, I didn’t get my normal morning walk in so I figure this would be a perfect opportunity to get some exercise and do some catch up.  And that we did.

We walked about 3.5+ miles today.  And in those miles, the three of us caught up and updated each other on what’s new.  During the walk, I told them about the World Domination Summit.  I described it as a life changing and fun weekend.  And I think I just explain the World Domination Summit as; it is a conference which help you answer the question;

How do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

That’s the explanation that I have been giving people because its one of the most straightforward why to put things.  At least for the moment, that may all change once I get through processing my notes from WDS.

And after walking, I was invited and welcome back to their place for dinner.  As always, I’m happy to help out, especially when food is involved.  I helped Hollie with preparing a very awesome meal of Bowtie Pasta and Hollie’s special sauce and a nice refreshing salad.   During this I kept thinking this is what I want to do when I have a place to call my own.  I seriously would just call friends up and see what they are up to and just invite them over for dinner.  I love having friends around and sharing meals with them.  It’s one of the few times during they day, that I actually slow down and just enjoy.

After indulging that excellent meal, we settled in and started to watch tv.  That’s something that I  don’t do often these days.  It was just nice to hang out around two awesome friends and a cat to close evening.

I hope tomorrow will good.  We shall see.  🙂

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