Just Another Day…Oliver the Engineer, Oliver the Foodie

Today was seriously an uneventful day.  Once again, the rush and push of getting stuff done ASAP was gone.  One of my coworkers came back to the office today which makes our group almost complete again.  There really wasn’t much to report on the work side of things today which if you have been following my recent post you know that there’s been a lot going on lately.  So I guess in one regard this is a good post / update about work.  And the top it off, tomorrow is Friday so the work week is over.  Bravo for that!  🙂

On the bright side of the day today.  I did get to be my foodie self today.  After about nearly a week and a half I got to have a burger from my favorite food truck; MIHO GASTROTRUCK.  I’ve been enjoy MIHO’s food for awhile.  And everytime I get a chance I seek them out.  MIHO makes awesome food but on top of that, they are the coolest gang of people around.  Juan, Kevin, Matt, Christina, and the rest of the crew, MIHO are as passionate and genuine as they come.  I’ve had a great time getting to meet them by showing up where they serve their food.

Today’s lunch was great because they brought back their classic burger which has been off of the menu for awhile.  Oh because the one thing I didn’t tell you about MIHO is that they get most if not all of their ingredients from local sources in and around San Diego.  With that their menu changes weekly and seasonally which I enjoy because you get to taste the season.

Which I think these days people don’t comprehend that as much, especially the younger crowds.  The reason I say that is because growing up I would hear stories told from my parents about how they would only have apples around Christmas time because that was the only time they were available in the Philippines.  And when I think about it today, it hits you that apples and other items are available all year round.  Having it available all year round, I think doesn’t allow you to appreciate the food as much.  So that’s why I appreciate the seasonally available food so much more.

But getting back to MIHO, there food is seriously always delicious and fresh.  Give them a follow on twitter at @mihogastrotruck or see what their weekly menu is and what are up to by visiting their website; http://www.mihogastrotruck.com.  Give them a try and you’ll understand why I always go to them when I’m looking for delicious lunches.

Today also was just a relatively quiet day because I didn’t have to cook dinner this evening.  The reason for this was that I prepared and cooked a lot of food yesterday which meant that we had leftover for dinner tonight.  And since I don’t eat as much as I use too it was enough for my parents and I.  And since I didn’t cook today, I finished dinner relatively early.   And with that I was able to hang out and catch up with my good buddy David.

David is one of my good friends that I hang out with on a normal basis.  We both just get along very well.  He’s one of the friends that I have that I can just bounce ideas off and get some honest feedback.  But also he is a friend that I learn things from as well.  We actually have a conversation, well that depends on what you mean by conversation.  Conversation in terms of talking, yes we do that but if you mean conversation as in talking and see each other’s faces, that would be a negative.  All I mean by that is that we equally both enjoy our iPhones, especially when it comes to pictures.  We chat but we chat with another looking at our phones.  LOL.  But still it’s one of those things that we don’t do often but here and there we catch ourselves doing it but our conversations do continue despite the fact.  I forgot to mention David is also a photographer.  He absolutely takes great photos and I dig he’s style.  Check out some of he’s work here: David J Crewe Photography.

Another cool thing about David / Dave is that we enjoy discovering new places around town and enjoy a good meal like myself.  So this evening I took him to one of my favorite places in the Uptown Area of San Diego, called Barrio Star.

I discovered Barrio Star, serendipitously one evening after a photowalk with some friend at Balboa Park.  My buddies Greg, Ellen, and Hollie, where originally planning to eat at a pizza place following the photowalk but we found out that it was close for the evening so we had to look for a place and Barrio Star was that place.

Barrio Star is a great place with a great environment that serves what I like to call refined clean Mexican fusion food.  What I mean by that is that the food they serve here is refreshing and just right portions.  But there dishes are too die for.  I highly recommend and love their Brazil Bowl with Carnitias.  It is absolutely delicious and refreshing.  And it would be safe to say that Dave would agree with me that this place is a must try and experience.

And lastly to close off the evening we grab some gelato from another of my favorite places, named Gelato Vero Cafe.  Gelato Vero Cafe is located in the Mission Hill portion of San Diego off Washington Street and Interstate 5.  It’s a small cafe that has ample sitting for small gatherings or a good place to hang out with a friend or two.  If you need more room or can’t find room within the cafe or outside sitting area, head upstairs for more room.  Gelato Vero is a great place to have some good old gelato and chat with a friend and even do some people watching.  With that that closes another day for the books.  I hope you enjoyed.  🙂

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