Hanging out with Daryl… Oliver the Foodie, the Friend

Hangout Tuesday was a success. Today I had the great pleasure to hangout with one of my college buddies. I met my buddy Daryl while I was going to school at UCSD. It’s funny to think how we became friends. I met Daryl in Statics class.

The way we met was after receiving back a quiz. I distinctly remember asking him if we get to drop a test. And to this day we laugh about him thinking that oh god this guy not going to make it. Today when we look back at this and just laugh. Luckily we got pass this and became good friends.

So today after a few month of not hanging out with each other we finally found the time to hangout. As always being the foodies that we headed to our favorite place to eat. One of our all star places to eat is a JV’s.

JV’s is a Mexican mom and pop place that I’ve been going to for ages. Since six grade in fact. So now that I’m 29 I’ve been going there for about 17 years. And up until about two years ago I had only ordered two things off of their menu. And those two items are the Surf and Turf Burrito and the 6 roll tacos.

The Surf and Turf burrito is this massively large burrito that weights in at nearly 1 pound.  The burrito is actually two burritos into one.  It is made out of a shrimp and carne asada burrito which makes it one of the king burritos at this place.  Although it not as large as the burrito that I ate in Oregon a couple of weeks ago during my WDS trip.  That particular burrito was just a burrito of epic portions.  Seriously it was!

After grabbing some food and having a good chat, we decided at first to grab some dessert.  Being foodies we had a set of places that we liked to hit up.  At first we decided to head up to one of our favorite places to grab some ice cream; Moo Time in Coronado.  Unlike JV’s, Moo Time has become one of the more recent local hunts that I’ve come across and go to quite often.  I discovered Moo Time, when I was going UCSD.  To me Moo Time just taste better because it is a locally started company that takes great care into what they create.  And that being ice cream.

However during our drive to Moo Time, Daryl wanted to see if there are any good bars to go too to get a drink.  When I got ask that I seriously drew a blank and I keep thinking and thinking of the places that I like to go and I knew had a good drink selection.

One of the first places that I thought of was Off Shore Tavern.  Its one of those places that a friend showed me and ever since then I’ve gone back a few times.  But when we got there it was packed!  And we didn’t want to wait.  Next we headed off to Old Town and check out to see if Fred’s was any better.  And in about a few minutes we found that answer out and surely it was packed.  I guess Taco Tuesday is pretty popular.  but we didn’t give up, there was one more place that I really like to go to and that was Shakespeare’s Pub and Grill.

While we were at Shakespeare’s Daryl and I had a great talk over some beers, cider, water, and coffee.  It was one of those talks that you have with friends that could if it wasn’t for work the next day that could go on for hours.

Overall it was a great afternoon and evening of catching with one of my good buddies that I haven’t seen and chatted with in a while.



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