Monday Monday… Oliver the Engineer, the cook, the photographer, & the writer

Today is Monday.  Oh joy!  LOL.  After a weekend like I just had, it is hard to come back to work again.  I figure that’s how a lot of people feel about Mondays.

At work today there wasn’t much going on.  Work for the most part was pretty quiet.  Nothing too dramatic happened.  The only event of the day was that I had to attend a meeting.  It was at the meeting that a possible bombshell was reported again.  Now after weeks / months of working on right of way another change maybe in order because of a design change that was not known until today.  When I heard this I was like, holy crap, the shit hit the fan once again.  Oh boy, I wonder who is going to do the fix this time.  I truly hope its not me because this one is not my fault nor is anything else that happen prior.  But boy my boss had a look of what, and confusion once again.  I had to cringe when this was reported because my boss was not prepared for this once again.  Sometimes I just don’t know what he does and what he knows about the project.  After the meeting was over, I headed out for lunch.

Lunch today was cool.  It was nice for once to have lunch by myself.  I had lunch at one of my favorite markets in Kearny Mesa.  This supermarket is called Marukai Market.  I got a Bento box, some Ahi Poke, and Jasmine Green Tea.  And boy it was delicious.

After lunch I returned to work and boy was it another quiet afternoon.  So for the rest of the afternoon I prepared for my meeting tomorrow morning.  And I left on time at 3:30pm.

After work I headed over to my friend’s Lori’s house to pick up some stuff for our PPSDC promotion.  I plan to distribute the promotion material tomorrow at Nelson’s and George’s Camera stores.

And for today’s dinner I kept it simple and made chicken adobo.  Which has become one of  my dinner mainstays.  My chicken adobo recipe is made up of Chicken, Bay leaves, peppercorns, garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar.  And all I do is just let it simmer on low heat. After about 45 minutes it is ready.  Serve it warm and over rice for best results.

Now with dinner over, I put on my photographer hat on and did some work to chip away at my photographer tasklist.  Today’s main task was to finish and upload the HOBY pictures that I took for the California Central chapter.  As I’m writing this the rest of the pictures are still uploading.  I’ve edited roughly 800 pictures for the kids to enjoy and help bring back the memories.  I will need to upload the rest of their package tomorrow and those items are the videos that I took during the seminar.  So hopefully soon all will be uploaded and the kids will be able to enjoy the pictures and relive that weekend.

Lastly, this evening I spent the majority of the evening playing catch on my blog post.  So already today I have already written two other post in addition to this post that you are reading.  So hence why this article is a shorter than most.  Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be longer and more exciting to report.  Because today was very boring and there was nothing on my end to report.

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