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Sunday was for sure a foodie day.  It was one of those days that wasn’t planned at all but you just went with it.  The foodie day began with me waking early around 9am to see what I had to do for the day.  I soon realized that I didn’t have that much to do today so I dug up some old pictures and worked on them.  My home headed to church and then shortly after my dad came home from he’s round of golf that he plays every Sunday.  With it being really close to lunch, I asked what he wanted to eat and he immediately mentioned that he wanted to try out a cheeseburger in Pt. Loma.  So I said okay.  At first I was like hmmm, this isn’t what I had planned exactly for eating but it will do.  Eventually I considered this another opportunity to find another place to eat.  My mentioned that the place was called; Jimmy Famous American Tavern.  So to yelp I went to find out where it was and what people would recommend from that place because I had  no idea.  After yelping it I found that it had some favorable reviews.   So it was go.  Now we just had to wait for my mom to get home from church and then we were off.

Finally arriving at Jimmy Famous, I saw that it was in one of the newly renovated seafront properties near the airport.  The buildings were new and modern.  It had a clean, maritime look, that made it completely different from the other building around.

Jimmy Famous is located on the lower level of one of the buildings in the new complex.  The entry was relatively small but once you entered you were greet to a very awesome open space that the daylight filled.  The venue was filled with woodsy, metal, oversize letter, and retro chic decor; I would say it was a pinterest board come alive.

Jimmy Famous is known for the burgers.  From their reviews on yelp a lot of people recommended getting their classic or cowboy burger.  I remember seeing a picture of the burger with a knife in it and I thought fancy.  So we were sitted and we looked over the menu.  The menu was simple and straight forward.  The service was quick.  After a few minutes of deciding what to get, we placed our order, and then what didn’t seem like more than 5 minutes our food was there.  I was it was a; Wow that was fast moment!  When we got our food the photography of food commence as always.  It took me a bit longer than usual to take the photograph.  But I managed after a few tries to get the picture.  I got the cowboy burger.  It was good and filling.  The burger also had a nice bite to it as it did have jalapeno pepper in it.  I ordered a green salad to go with it, I figure it would be better than getting the fries which are good as well ( I had a few from my dad).  Overall it was nice Sunday lunch to have and enjoy.  The place was full of people that were enjoy the beautiful Sunday afternoon in San Diego.   It was just one of those laid back days in the city.

After finishing lunch we headed home to chill out for the rest of the afternoon.  My parents both passed out and nap while I did some work on the computer, editing more pictures.  Those pictures are finally being uploaded as I am writing this post.  So with the quiet afternoon, I got another good set of pictures out of the way and shared.  It was also during the afternoon that I realized that today was the deadline to enter photos from the workshop that I did last week.  So I finally downloaded those pictures from my camera that has been sitting on the floor for awhile ( I have some other photo jobs that I need to get sent out so personal photo project get pushed back).

Now with the afternoon almost over my parents woke up and one of the first things that came out of their mouths was what was for dinner.  So the normal conversation of what to eat ensued and like most afternoons, the respond of; I don’t know was blurred out, and would remain unresolved or stay until someone mention a place and either there is an agreement or a reason for a veto on that idea.  Then the; I don’t knows usually commence further and this is usually my cue to go away for a bit and thing about it.  Today my dad mentions that he would like Chinese food.  Hearing that I knew it meant one thing, Chow Mein from Golden Chopsticks.

There is one thing you should know about my family and that is that we are pretty consistent on eating / getting food from places that we have come to love and we pretty much stay consistent with that place.  So any mention of any of these places usually makes figuring out what to eat a lot more easier than usual.  So when I heard Chinese food I knew that I would be calling one of our favs and that it would be done and ready in about 15 minutes and would require a drive to National City.  A drive you say?  Yup, a drive.  I really don’t mind driving.  I usually figure out how to avoid traffic if there is traffic and usually Sundays are pretty chill in the city so it wasn’t a problem.  And plus I would do anything for my parents, sister, and friends to help them out.  It is the least that I could do for the people that keep up humble and support me in my endeavors.

Now with that decided, I ordered – Beef Chow Mein, House Fried Rice, and their house salt and pepper chicken.  All delicious and I highly recommend them all.  FYI, I know if you are reading this post and you read yesterday’s post, you are thinking piggy or man you ate a lot this weekend.  It may seem like that but I do eat them in moderation and usually i haven’t over indulged since changing to the modified palieo diet.  Okay back to the story.  With the order placed.  My mom and I got in the car and headed down.

The drive down was pretty chill.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Mom and I just talked, caught up on things and just drove.  Good times and mom and son hang out time.

After picking up dinner and some Filipino treats at the Goldilocks near the Chinese food place.  BTW, I am now the Duke of that place on yelp.  🙂  We headed home and soon after ate.

During and after dinner I worked on two pictures that I needed to enter to the competition.  And worked I did.  It’s been awhile since I have some images my signature look but I knew what I wanted to do so I had to do the work.  Luckily enough I got to practice some of the techiques over the last few months and in those months too, I got to learn a few new tools for the belt.   So I used those and in little under a hour I got “signature” edits done on the images that I was planning in submitting to the competition.  And once I did, I sent them off.  On my soon to be new website / blog I will discuss and show how I do my “signature” edits and how they differ from the normal edits.  And with those pictures out of the way I finished a few more pictures from my trip to Austin and San Antonio from this last Thanksgivings holiday and finally posted them on my Flickr gallery.  And as of this writing they are about 90% done uploading.  So if you are reading this you can check them out here:

Well until tomorrow.  Have a great one and thanks for reading.  🙂

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