Monday Mondays… Oliver the Engineer, the

Mondays are just one of those days that you either get right on or just never seem to get back on track until you are about to leave work. The later was true for me. This morning the day was moving quite slowly and not a lot was happening. I had some deadlines to meet. But as always the people that I needed to chat and discuss with about the pending issues was not there. So in order for me to get things done I had to assume some stuff but as always the current case it seems, when I assume it usually is wrong or the point doesn’t get address accordingly.

Today was the day that I had to get to finish the report that I have been working for a couple of weeks now. And this report at first seem like a breeze however about a week into it, I realized that there were a lot of unknowns that I need to I found out. Te most unfortunate thing though, as much as I like to be proactive to making sure things are going smoothly, it seems that the people I’m relying on are not keeping up their end of the bargain, which one makes the work life more difficult and aggravating. And to my my luck proves time and time to not work in my favor. If it doesn’t kill me, it only makes me stronger is what I say always.

But I wonder how many more times I can say that before that wears out?! I’m going to be optimiztic and say that it’s going to take awhile before a hint of that statement comes true. But something is going to have to happen I fear before anything will change. And to that I say KARMA! What comes around goes around.

So back to the report. This report is vital to the project but some people just don’t understand the scoop of which it will take. People just assume that it will happen and get done but no one checks up on the work. I try my best to make sure it is done correctly however I know that lately my work quality has been slipping. I say that because I as much as I lovey job lately it surely has gotten to be more of a chore than interesting. I’m pretty such you have fired that out by now if I have talked to you or you have been reading my post lately. It is just one of those things were the thing that you love can start to wear on you. The sad fact is that it is not the actual work that is killing me it is my coworker lack of communication with one another. Our team or from what I can make it out to be, is not a te at all. We are all like independent states working against and with each other. One person takes care of what they do and other does the same. And as long as they don’t conflict all is good. But once there is a conflict issues arise and tempers fly and it just makes it had.  So given that it doesn’t make for a productive work environment.

Luckily such was not the case for the report that I was working but the problem was that the people that I needed to submit it too for review was not in the office.  🙁  Oh well there is only more days left in the weekend.

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