Oh man, what was that? Seriously! Oliver the Engineer

Okay so I thought yesterday’s rant was bad.  Today just seemed to be one of those serioulsy?!  You want me to do what?!  Why didn’t you say that earlier or when we were at the meeting?

So remember that report I was talking about yesterday.  Well it was concerning that report.  Apparently I was doing it wrong and I wasn’t told about it until I submitted it for the 3rd time for review.  It is stuff like this that makes me go, really?  So who’s checking your work?  And were is the communication in all this chaos.  I don’t mind chaos of sorts but the fact that we don’t communicate at least in my work environment is what drive me super nutty.   I’ve studied engineering for 5 years and I interned during that whole time.  And the biggest thing that was emphasis above all else was that it is about teamwork and communication.  With at least one of those things I think a lot of the chasing around details and the; “I don’t knows,” would go away.

But no improvements thus far have been made.  I’ve even tried to even help kick start such things but to no avail.  I have tried countless time during the pass few months to help it seem to fall on deaf ears.  But I guess karma will come back.  But I just hope that it doesn’t affect me.

Quite a bombshell or not really, was told today at a meeting.  It was just one of those things that remind that the current project I’m on is going so fast that a lot of things are not being looked at but when it does get looked at, there are more problems that arise that because of the time schedule needs attention because it effects other things.  So today’s bombshell was that there are some issues that are affecting the project that would require more changes to the Right of Way.  And Right of Way is one of those sensitive issues because the issues that are causing the problems are the first set of things that need to get built before the actual freeway gets built.  And as always the management is brought aware of these issues but because they don’t know what is going on, the subject is above their heads which leads them to harsh decisions that they don’t fully understand how it effects everything.  The problem that arise from the bombshell was that it would require some right of way changes because there was some water flows that was not considered because of other “priority” issues that we have now found out isn’t as a “priority” as it should be.  So we are stuck with a huge issue at hand that needs to be address accordingly and in a relatively timely manner because we are supposed to complete the design of the project by the end of the month.  And it seems from the plans that we have we are more at 40% than anything.  Currently there seems to be a relauntance from the people in charge of seeing what actually needs to get done.  It seems to me that they are afraid to face the fact that there needs to be a lot done but instead of showing what needs to get done, they want to hide it.  I don’t fully understand how the politics work around my workplace.  However from all of the readings and people I’ve met, it is better to admit fault and failure than to hide it.  If I was them I would show them what needs to be done ASAP and put up an accountability poster.  So that way everyone knows what needs to be done and how much time we need to get it all done.

Man oh man, this post seems to be another rant about work.  I guess it is just one of those weeks, were ranting is needed.  Sorry to you my reader for being to negative at least for the past few post.  I hope that things do turn around for the better but I will let you guys know.  So in the meantime take it easy.  🙂

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