The Board Meeting

Today I attended our monthly PPSDC board meeting. It was a great meeting I attend. Even after a few hours, 4 hours to exact, we were all still in on excited and still had more to discuss.
It is with groups like this that I fully believe will foster a great community and teamwork. The coolest thing about this meeting is that I am surrounded by a group of people that mean well and are thoroughly excited about what they are doing. And also they are excited for what the future may hold for the group. One of the many highlights fro the meeting was that there was discussion for extending our board positions for 2 years verses just 1. I am in favor of this because as our boss, Lori, said , in the first year we learn about what works and what doesn’t work, and then it would be in the second year that we would be rocking. With this being said that’s not to say that we are not rocking it now but sometimes it hard to do planning when you do have a good understanding the people you are serving. So that is we’re we at, at this pint of the game.
I love our board this year. I am the only guy on the board. All my fellow board members are just the most awesome women. Each of them brings something different and exciting to the table. Lori is a teacher and our President and also runs her own photography business. Kim is our Treasurer. She runs her own photography business and is a rocking woman. I like he style. Monica is our VP of the print comp. She’s a great mom and tons of fun to hang out with. Ann is our VP of Speakers. She is also a mom and runs a successful wedding business. She, Monica, and Kim form our Canadian Party. They are all wonderful women. I am glad to be part of a group that is as gunho as I am with the group.

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