Overtime and determination… Oliver the Engineer

Man oh man! The last two days have been a whirl wind of how are you doing, drawing lines, staining at the computer screen, watching the clock, and levels 36 and 37. It’s just some crazy stuff.
Hopefully it will soon be over or at least the pressure will subside from the high levels that it is at right now.
The thing that I have been working on for the last two days have been drainage profiles that I have know for the last couple of months. These things have been a thorn in my ass for months and it’s almost finally get pulled out. But not before some headaches and frustration.
This has come with a large learning curve that unfortunately has lead me down a road that I don’t want to go. It has lead me to cut corners, compromise my quality of work, and in the nearly 9 years of working for Caltrans to seriously start to hate work. Ouch! That’s bad. This feeling has only happen once before and that was because of a coworker. This time around it is that plus time, inexperience, and some pressure.
Doubt has entered my mine if I can actually do the work. Sometimes I sit there going what the hell are you doing?! Dude theres some consequences from what you are about to do. This alone is scary to think.
I’ve been lucky though that i have a support system of friends to call on to help me cope with these issues. And the good thing about it is that they totally understand where I am coming from.
But as I sit here. I’m have managed to finish a large portion of the work and I can relax for a few. Man, at this rare I’m going to need a vacation.
So I guess tomorrow will be another day. And so we will see.



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