The City

Some of the best ways to learn about photography is to visit the same place again and again. Every time you visit a place, everything is completely different. It is your responsibility to consistently and intently go out and seek and revisit those places. Opportunities sometimes reside where your path as taken you before.
For this picture, it has been approximately 5 years since that last time that I was here. The last time that I was here I was photographing this scene in the day. On that first shoot, I managed to get the classic San Diego Freeway shot with a airplane coming across the frame. For this trip, my buddy Ellis and I visited this place in the evening. Originally planning to do some time lapses photography here, I ended up taking a couple of the shots. This shot is a result of one them.
The thing that I notice most about this shot is that for me, there shows some growth as a photographer. From the planning and execution of the shot. I patiently waited for the scene to come. The challenging part was waiting for the right amount of traffic to come so that all of the lanes would be filled with lights. Also I notice that I carefully observed the scene and pictured how I wanted the finish picture to look like. And this picture that you are seeing is the result of that.

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