Oliver the Photographer…Goes to CreativeLive (Part #1)

There are things that happen in your life that you sometimes go, why me? Then as you sit there asking yourself that question, it occurs to you that it was because you needed to be there. Somehow the things aligned and you where meant to be there. And a couple of weeks ago I was lucky, blessed, and humbled to have experienced that during my trip to CreativeLive in Seattle, Washington.

If you don’t know what CreativeLive is, in summary it is an on-line classroom where you can learn just about anything in the creative field from blogging to photography to health. You can watch the classes for free during the LIVE event and if you enjoy the class you can purchase the class and rewatch it at your own leisure.

Here’s a video I created from that trip.  A full summary of that experience to come soon.  Stay tuned.

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