This weekend has been one of those times that make you grateful for what you have and experience in life thus far. From the simple poke, to spending times with those that you love. Cherishing these moments are just a treat and a simple one at that. But sometimes in life especially these days, these simple treats go by the wayside and being left behind. And not because we don’t care but because we take it for granted.


Taking things for granted is in one way sometimes the worst thing for us. It is worst for us because we don’t take the time to appreciate the people and places that we love. Notice I left the word thing out of the last sentence. I did this because we have to remember that things don’t make us happy and that people and places do. And things can be replaced. I’ll leave it at that.
But this weekend has made me realized what I’m grateful for. Here they are;

1. Having the most awesome parents that only want the nest for me.
2. Having met and made some of the best of friends that I get to share experiences with.
3. Having special places where I can enjoy my creative mood with.
4. Having friends that allow me to be myself and challenge me by supporting me in my endeavors.
5. Having an opportunity to create and collaborate with people.
6. Being able to help others realize they are capable of so more than they think.
7. Being a resource.
8. Having a “tribe” of friends that genuinely care and cheer me on to do my best and give me the opportunity to be vulnerable.
9. Having found an outlet to letting my voice be heard.
10. Realizing that I can make friends just by listening to what they have to say.

One thought on “Grateful

  1. Joe says:

    Excellent list Oliver. From my list, I would add two of the following things to be grateful for:

    1. Living in a country that provides you the freedom to do amazing things.
    2. Being physically able to enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t take the ability that you can hike (for example) for granted.

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