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Today I decided to take better of myself. I realized that I have fallen off the wagon of good eating habits and activities lately. Today the post lunch food coma was just bad. It was seriously one of those that you just wanted to nap and not do anything at all. Yes, I can blame it on the weather; it being hot and humid, not to my liking. But seriously it, there is no one or anything to blame except me.
A couple night ago, I watch the documentary: Fat, Sick, and nearly Dying. This documentary struck a cord with me because it made me realize that I need to take control of my life and take better with myself. In the documentary, Joe Cross, goes through a total transformation by enlisting a juice diet of vegetables and fruit for 60 days and also through exercise and completely turns he’s life around.
Watching this got me thinking that I could do something similar. I’m not about to embark on a 60 day juice diet but the idea of juicing vegetables and fruit on a daily basis would be something I could do. I had ample supply to fresh veggies and fruit with my CSA (community supported agriculture) and I had a juicer, my dad purchase one awhile back and no one was using it.
So with all those items in my favor I decided today on top of everything else I’m currently doing that I would begin including juicing as part of my normal eating habits and I hope to go back to feeling good like I did a few months back when I began with my CSA.


Today’s vegetable and fruit juice is titled: Mighty Green.

4 handfuls of Kale
4 cucumbers
3 green apples
1 whole stock of celery
1/2 of fennel

Run through the juicer and enjoy.

I will post more recipes and updates here as the journey continues.

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