Oliver the Foodie…The CoffeeHouse

There are places in our daily lives where we do some of our best work.  That can be anywhere really and it is up to each and everyone to decide that.  It can be your bedroom, the office, the den, the park, and or the coffeehouse.

Nostalgia and just about anyone that romanticizes about doing some writing at one time or another will picture themselves sitting in a coffeehouse sipping a latte as they work on their next masterpiece.  I’m pretty confident that you might have this same picture in your head when I mentioned coffeehouse.  The aroma and sounds of the clinging glasses and the sound of pressure of the espresso machine producing the elixir of caffeination that fuel many creatives, businesses, and thought thinkers throughout the day.  But have you ever wondered why?  Why do so many people romanticize and flock to such places as a coffeehouse?  I don’t have an answer for you but my theory is that some go to be seen and others go because it truly is the place where their masterpieces are created.  I believe in the latter.

Coffeehouses have such an appeal in our lifestyle these days.  Just look at the number of coffeehouses you see.  Look around they are everywhere.  Starbucks for one is at every corner, every nook and cranny of this world.  So there is something about coffeehouses.

There is even an app called Coffitivity, that allows you to be a coffeehouse anywhere anytime.  You can now partially share the coffeehouse with this app.  I have used the app and I have enjoyed it.  The app works by playing the ambient sounds of coffeehouses, which if you do like the “white noise” of coffeehouse can work well for you.  I do admit that I use it when I’m at work so can I get work done and disconnect for my cubicle.  Sometimes you just have too.  The one thing though that it lack from its real counterpart is the smells of a coffeehouse.  But it is a great substitute for one until you head off to your favorite coffeehouse.


What’s your favorite coffeehouse?  It’s okay if you say Starbucks.  I’m not going to judge you.  I do have part take in Starbucks.  For a good three years and still here and there, I went to Starbucks daily Monday through Friday just so I can get my coffee fix and so I can be like all the working peeps around the world.  However as of late, my coffee places have changed.  What I have done lately is go to more local coffeehouses.  The places that you can only find here in good old San Diego.  To me these places are the true places where creativity comes alive.  They have character, they have charm, and its the place the locals hang out.  Of the local joints, my favorite of them all is the Coffee and Tea Collective on El Cajon Blvd in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego.

Coffee And Tea Collective Storefront

I make it a habit to go here at least once a week.  I traditionally like to go here on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  For me, its the time that I have scheduled for myself to have some “me” time.  It is the hour or two that I have just for myself.  It is the time that I get to collect my thoughts, write my list, converse with others, do some catch up, or write a blog post (I’m not writing this particular one there).  But it is the time and place that I have just for myself.  Which to me is important.  I believe that everyone has to make time for that.  It’s not being selfish but it is the time that everyone needs so that they can recollect themselves.  You can’t do anything for yourself or others if you yourself are not happy.  So you have to find and schedule that time, whether it be in the a coffeehouse or not.  But you NEED to DO IT.

Coffee and Tea Collective Cold Brew Growler

For me the Coffee and Tea Collective is the place that I go and do that.  The reason that I like it there is because the coffeehouse is a welcoming place.  I really enjoy the minimalist designed space.  It’s clean and organized, not too much clutter, and there is always artwork that is going in and out of the space.  Secondly the people that work there are simply the friendliest people around.  They all know you by name, especially when you become one of the regulars.  They enjoy your company.  They have fun always smiling and always joking around.  And they all take pride in their work and coffee that they make for you.  And a coffeehouse isn’t complete without the coffee.  The Coffee and Tea Collective makes and roasts their own coffee in house.  Everything is made, measured, and served in house.  They make coffee and teas.  Their menu is small but there’s something there for everyone.  My favorite thing on their menu is their Cold Brew coffee.  It is by far the best cold brew around.  I’m pretty sure it’s popular because a few months ago they started a cold crew growler refill program.  You can now go to Coffee and Tea and get your 32oz or 64oz cold brew growler filled and refilled with them.  See it’s that good!  So if you are ever find yourself in North Park (San Diego), give Coffee and Tea Collective a try.  And get their cold brew.

But what this post comes down to is find a place that works for you.  Find that place or thing that you do for your “me” time.  It’s important to do that.  Trust me.

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