Oliver the Geek…And Geeking out

I know it is safe to say that everyone has one thing in their life that they love and if given a chance to tell someone about it, they would.  Excitement enters the voice and the energy changes.  The gears in the head begin to turn and crank until they hit a fever pitch.  And for the most part, the person or person receiving and or listening to the talk now is nodding their heads as they listen carefully to what is being said.

This is what happens to me when I “Geek Out.”

Geeking out is one of those things that I throughly enjoy.  If you have followed this blog you have notice that it’s everywhere.  I guess you would find that in a personal journal blog.  But geeking out with friends to one of my favorite activities.  Geeking out doesn’t happen often but when it does it seriously makes the time fly.  It is what you would find in those romantic movies, where the guy an girl talk well into the night and before they know it is morning and the only thing that is stopping them from talking more is that their bodies are telling them they have to go to sleep.  And that is what geeking out is like to me.

Earlier this week, I met up with two friends from Washington.  They were here in San Diego visiting.  Originally from here, they moved up north about a year ago.  Luckily we started a friendship while they where still here.  In starting that friendship, I found out that we have a lot of common interest that we like to talk about to each other.  So when we hung out we always talked about the most random topics.  I don’t know about you but I love it when I can talk about random topics with friends.

I find calm and comfort in these talks.  It is in these talks that I know that I’m not alone.

Growing up I usually played by myself.  I found comfort in the hot wheels and matchbox.  They where my companions.  And it didn’t seem a lot of the kids my age where playing with them or even had an interest in them.  Most of the kids where either interested in guns or action figures.  And I wasn’t into that.  So I always thought that I was alone in my love of these little cars.

The first time that I remember geeking out with a friend was in junior high school.  My friend happen to be my 8th grade english teacher.  Almost everyday after school I would hang out and talk about things with my teacher until it started getting late, well like 3:30pm, I still had to bike home.  But it was occasions like this that I got lost in conversation.

Conversation is one of those things that if you first meet me, I’m totally shy and quiet.  I don’t usually talk at first.  The reason for that is that I’m trying to figure you out.  I’m trying to find if there is something that we can talk about together.  I’m always looking for the subject that you seem to be super interested and passionate about that we can talk about.    I don’t just base it on the subject itself but I also what your body language, are you genuinely interested in it or are you just using that topic to get to the next.  So I look out for that.

The biggest fear that I have about talking to people about something that I enjoy or are really interested in finding out that they are not too interested in it.  It interest them but it not really them.  That happens more often than finding someone with a similar passion.  I guess  talking transportation, city design, architecture, simcity, etc, etc, isn’t topics that most people like to talk about.

But none the less, I’m going to continue to find people that do like to talk about such things.  Hopefully when we meet we can “geek” out.  There’s nothing more than wanting to connect over something that we both are interested in.  To me it is the best way to start a friendship.

So let me know what you are passionate about.  What do you like to talk about hours and hours on end with others?  Have you been in situations where people said they are interested in topic and turns out they are not?  Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.  I appreciate it.

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