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A picture is worth a thousand words.

To me pictures are worth a thousand words and a whole lot more emotion. Photographs to me are about emotion and feeling. When I’m out photographing either a landscape or a couple on their first day as husband and wife. There is an emotional investment that I put into it. Like most photographers I know, we take our work personally. We each have our favorites, we have our own idea of how to photograph the day and tell the story. I know that my favorite thing to do when I’m out photographing is to be present.

Being present, gives me the opportunity to be a guest and photographer and makes the experience so much more richer than if I was just a photographer. The photography takes care of itself when I’m present I feel. I know longer have to coach a client to do something or do much post work on an image to make it look like how I want it. Rather I just let it happen and document it knowing that this is how it’s going to be.

The biggest take away I have learned throughout the years that has helped is knowing your vision for what you are going to capture. I have found mentally preparing has helped make the process go easy. I’ve gone as far as mediate and imagine the day as it is happen. I envisioned in my head everything that I can see. Doing this easies my stress and gives me my game plan. And allows me to direct any of my associates that are helping me that day.

Before all this, I was the photographer that wasn’t sure. I was the photographer that didn’t know what to do. I practically was a nervous wreak. As much as I tried it just didn’t come naturally or as easy. I had to do the work. And boy did I work. It was one of those sweat, blood, and restless nights things that you have to go through. I don’t care for the people that say it just happened. Because it just doesn’t happen like that. It seriously happens with a lot and I mean a lot of work. And with that also come with realizing that you are not as good as you think you are however you know that with enough effort, work, and time you will make it happen. You will create the world that you want to create and live in.

And just like that; YOU HAVE TO CREATE THE WORLD YOU WANT TO HAVE AND LIVE IN. I have learned those that have the earned success have created the opportunities that have lead to their ultimate success. And equally as important; WORK HARD AND STAY HUMBLE.

So we come back to where we are now. Today I’m in the middle of a whole rebrand and process in my photography. I declare now that I am a landscape and wedding photographer. I am a specialist in this fields. I approach both in similar ways that allow me to be a tailored and outdoorsy geek. I am part of a group of 6, that have called ourselves the Bauman Six, together we work together and come together to help on another to succeed in our vision of our photography.

I will soon retire the Oliver Henry Photography brand of the business and restart them as Oliver Asis Photography for the landscape work and Oliver Asis Weddings for the wedding photography.

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