Oliver the Blogger…Oops I think I did it Again…

Howdy! Well it’s been awhile since I last posted. I hit one of those procrastination walls once again. It was one of those walls that I’m pretty sure that everyone is accustom to every once in awhile or in my case every few months, 6 months to be exact. How do I know this happen? Well I have well documented myself on what I do when I run into this procrastination wall. Here’s usually a sequence of events.

1. Usually there is an impending deadline.
2. The deadline date is far out in advance.
3. Another task pops out. Yes is said and life continues.
4. Then another….
5. And then throw in a vacation in there.

Then let the adventures begin.

The one reason that this happens to be often is that fall into the trick that I can accomplish it all. I think that with proper time management and strong will I can accomplish it. Well then comes the “thinking part.” And then I start to think a lot of what I can do to make the process that I’m doing much more efficient. And when that happen I experiment. And experiment. And experiment more. And before I know it. I have gone through multiple experiments and I think to myself that I haven’t accomplish much. Although as I sit here I should realized that I have accomplish something. And that one accomplishment is that i figured out multiple ways of not to do one task and eventually I end up with a optimal solution.

So with the thought that I haven’t done anything…I start thinking that I have a monumental task now. And that kind of thinking is really effective to making me believe that I can do more and that the task is impossible to accomplish. And then starts the vicious circle of procrastination. And then hence we arrived the the situation that I currently find myself in.

So let’s start this all again and see what the coming days and weeks take me on this blogging and sharing journey. Well that’s an update to the blog at least. I will do my best to post more and post more often like I did previously.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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