Oliver the Blogger…express yourself!

So writing this blog has been a personal experiment of sharing my thoughts, ideas, and interest with my fellow readers. As far as I have been doing so far, it has been an interesting journey thus far. I started with the optimism of writing practically everyday to the more recent point of practically not writing and posting at all. Despite the successes and some of the pitfalls that I have experience this far, I have found it personally gratifying to post and put my work out there. I had a friend tell me to it straight that; ” I just had to ship it,”. I had to put forward the work that I was working on and out out there for the world to see. And so I have at least done this with the blog that you read.

Blogging to me isn’t the easiest of things to do. I have found that I need to be in the right mindset, the right mood, and at least have about 30 minutes of me time to myself. I have also found that having a place to write that is consistent and if possible has white noise has helped. If you have followed me long enough here or on my Instagram you that one such place that I have found has worked for me is the Coffee and Tea Collective. But I have also tried to mimic this experience in other places with a great app called Coffitivity. It’s an app that plays the ambient noises of coffee places. Yes, you read that right; it plays white noise of coffee houses. Lol.

The one thing that I have enjoyed is that I have been able to express myself here. I have taken the leap to just post and share. Early in this journey I kept this blog pretty quiet and low key. Now when I push publish, it goes out to the interWebs of current and it is out there for all to see, read, critique, and response to. I don’t have fairly large readership and or possibly and audience but that is not the point. Just like my friend suggested, I should just ship it. And write, edit, and ship, it goes.


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