Being without a computer

For the last week I have not had a computer. My computer experienced some issues with its graphics card and now is in the shop getting repaired. For this day and age most would not know what do with themselves, I may be wrong about that but from what I can say is that not having a computer for this amount time as been freeing. Yes, I still have an iPhone and an iPad ( from where I am writing this post) but not having a computer has taught and reminded me of these lessons.

1. A digital break is needed from time to time.

We are constantly connected to Internet. And I think this can weigh on you after hours and days of being connected. So from time to time a break is needed to recharge and find balance. Not having a computer and the difficulty of using the iPhone and iPad in doing work has lead me to do other more productive things like catch up on my reading. And this has been nothing short of awesome. It makes you show down and relax. So give yourself a day or two to step away from the computer and do something that is not required.

2. Life slows down

When we are constantly connected to the Internet we lose track of what going around and we waste a lot of time. For example a 5 minute check and Facebook usually turns to an hour of checking pictures and status updates of our friends. And we get sucked in and lose productivity time. But in the opposite when you spend your time more wisely like reading and hanging out with family time slows down and is more fulfilling. The experience between the two is completely different and adds more value to your life. So get off the computer and enjoy the pleasures of life outside the computer. Paradise is found outside the screen.

3. You pay more attention to your surroundings.

When you aren’t getting sucked in and bothered by what going on the Internet you start to notice the things around you and learn to appreciate them. Instead of seeing the beautiful things that on screen you start to see the beauty that is simply outside your door and window. And instead of lusting of going to those places you realized that their is profound beauty right in your own neighborhood.

4. Life is better in real life than on “Facebook.”

When scanning the pictures an status updates that people post on Facebook life looks all good and Tandy but also in the opposite life can look really negative. The thing to realize is that these are simply not the total reality of life. I will admit that I only share the good things that occur in my life and keep the more negative and personal stuff offline which is where I believe they belong. But when you don’t pay attention to these things and actually spend time with people in person you see that life is really good and real.

5. I rather be doing something not involving the computer.

There is a whole world out there that is calling for exploration. When you sit in front of a computer planning, you are simply just doing that planning instead of living the life that you want to live. Yes you need to plan but sometimes the best things to do is simply just do it and see where it takes you. Life is better experienced through mistakes than trying to plan for them. Things don’t get interesting until so,etching goes wrong and you have to figure slash dig yourself out of the situation. Yes it may be uncomfortable but it is worth all of the time and effort you put on it. The problem is when you plan with a computer you actually spend more time planning and digging up facts that don’t make sense. Because jokingly everything you read on the Internet is real, right?! If that were true the lives that people portray would be real and they would be living the happy lives they present. But that is far from reality. Life is like a roller coaster there are ups and downs and that’s just the truth. Life doesn’t happy in just the highs but happens throughout the highs and lows.

The five lessons are just a few of the things I learned while not having a computer. Yes, it does makes some task difficult but it also relieves you of some the stresses that the Internet actually causes you. I don’t want to be overalls pessimistic about all this and make that being on the computer all the time is bad. I just want to share some thoughts on how a break from the screen from time to time can make your life more balance and you can have the opportunity to life the life that you want to life.

So simply remember this, when things start getting stressful while on the computer simply step way and find another fun and productive thing to do.

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