Reconnecting with Friends

Last year, I wrote a post about reconnecting with friends. Well I have found myself in a position again where I have been trying to find the time to reconnect with friends. Over the last several weeks, I have been reaching out with friends and making some time to catch up with them.
And it has been a good thing. My friends have been so awesome. Even though we haven’t seen or even talked with each other for awhile, it feels like we just saw each other yesterday. I have been lucky in that regard that my relationships with friends have been built on genuine care and love for each other.
So I will continue to reach out with friends over the coming weeks and months and reconnect with them.

And here’s an idea that you might want to consider to add while you are reconnecting with friends.  YOU might want to also reach out and reconnect with other projects and goals that may have fallen on the way side.  Look back on those stack of papers and notebooks and go through them seeking out the little notes with goals that you wanted to accomplish.  Then become aware with them and give them a second chance.  And see where it goes.  🙂

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