Hello Again

Hello again!  It sure has been quite awhile since I have updated or even touched this blog.  There surely has been a whole of things that I have happen since the last time I even logged in and even attempted to post here.

For those that are interested here is just a few things that I have happened:

  •  I officially have a “second office” for my photography and other creative pursuits.
  • I launched another photography business.  This photography business is focused on Landscape and Travel photography.
  • I went on a 3 week adventure visiting Portland and Chicago.
  • I have become President of The Professional Photographers of San Diego County.
  • I have come into my realm as a photographer.  I’m no longer the scared and nervous photographer that I use to be.  I am now more confident and prepared photographer.
  • I have a bit more responsibility at the engineering job.
  • I recently got myself a standing desk.
  • I have seriously considered about standing a podcast soon.
  • I have been put in charge of an Instagram account about food.  I curate the page for amazing food photographs.
  • I am in the middle of a 1000 day photography project.  And as of this writing I am less than 1 year from completing the task.

That in a nut shell is what I have been up to and all that is new in my life since the last time I posted here.  I’m really going to try to post here more often.  I know I have made promises and statements like this before but I am really going to try to make more of an effort to do so.

So here’s to where this journey is going to take me.  🙂

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