My Head Hurts

Lately the gears in my head have been running a full speed.  The ideas, thoughts, distractions, and more ideas are happening.  The problem is that with all the flurry of activity in my head, it gives me head aches thinking about all of this.  I don’t know about you but it sure gets old quickly.  I want this to stop.  However part of me doesn’t want it to stop because some ideas are great ideas.  I know they are great ideas.

They are great ideas, but until I do something about it, they will remain ideas.  And in all honestly the only thing that I have done with these ideas is write them down in my idea journal.

The journal has been a place where I store my ideas.  It is the thing that I look back at when I’m bored or trying to figure out what the next thing is that I need to do.  Everyone in my humble opinion need to have a journal.  And I mean a tangible paper journal, not a digital one but a good and honest paper journal.

I think too many people have started to rely on the digital journals also known as iPhones & Androids.  And for thing like this, it need to stop!  Like NOW!

This so far has been the solution to helping my head from hurting.  It still hurts but at least the pressure of ideas is temporary relived by writing the ideas down on paper.

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