Coffee, Photography, & Sushi… Oliver the Writer, the Photographer, the Foodie

Yesterday I had a great pleasure to attend a photography business workshop. The workshop was insightful, informative, and fun.

The time leading up to the workshop was awesome. I actually got off work early enough that I was able to complete a few of my task that I wanted to complete today. The first and foremost pressing task was to get another batch of HOBY DVDs out to the kids. So with all of the work that I did the night before I was eager to get them sent off to the kids. Hopefully next week the kids will receive their packages.

After mailing off the package I saw that I still had some ample time so I decided to head over to the bank to cash in my monthly paycheck. I didn’t go I my normal bank because I wasn’t going home because of the photography meeting so I went to the closest one to work. It was cool heading over there and cashing my check. And getting my check was a little delayed because when they are passes out the check I was a meeting so therefore I couldn’t get my check. And the reason for the not getting my check is because I am one of the few people that doesn’t have direct deposit. I honestly didn’t get direct deposit because they was a cute teller at my bank that I liked and so I would always get her to cash in my check. What can I say other than, I’m only human. But unfortunately she has since moved from bank to bank. It’s been all of the same bank but the branches are not too close so he moves to different one every once in awhile which makes it hard to predict if she will be there when I cash my check.

Well after cashing in my check I looked at the clock and I saw that I had some time still so I decided to get some coffee at a place that I have been wanting to try out. So I checked the traffic via Waze and made my way to place.  After driving up via Washington Street, I made it up to the Tea & Coffee Collective.  The Tea & Coffee Collective has been a place that I have been wanting to try out for awhile.  And since I had the opportunity and time, I decided it was about time.

When I first get there, I found out that I didn’t the change to feed the meter.  I figure just my luck not to have the change avalible.  So I went digging in my car hoping that I would find some.  I was only fortunate to find one quarter so I put that in the meter and then just decided to head in, purchase my coffee, and then ask for change.

The Tea & Collective Collection is a simple laid back storefront.  It reminds me of the simple times and the not in your face fronts that we are use to seeing in other coffee places.  One of the most notable features of the collective is the very large COFFEE letters painted above the store.  When you enter the collective you enter through a actual door.  What I mean by this is that you actually have to turn the knob and then push.  For me it was something that you don’t run into everyday but when I run into one it puts me at ease.  Once inside the collective, you will notice the simple layout.  To your left is a peg wall where local arts and crafts hang in what looks like hand made frames which highlight some of the local goods on the display and on sale.  The bar is located towards the back.

It is at the bar that you place your order.  The menu is simple.  On this visit I ordered a Iced Coffee.  I do love coffee warm but my preference is to have it iced.  The coffee is favorable and strong.  Since I had some time I decided to take a seat at one of the tables and do some writing, thinking, and planning in my very handy always there Moleskine notebook.  I know a lot of people romanticize the idea of writing, sipping on coffee, and sitting in a coffee shop as cool and even hipster.  In the act of doing this it does change your mindset that lets the creative juices flow from your head to paper.

Coffee, a @moleskine, a pen, and ideas. #writing #thought

I sat inside the Tea & Coffee Collective for about 20 minutes just writing some ideas and just taking in the quiet, then I headed off to the meeting.

The meeting was down in Mission Valley.  The meeting is part of the Pricing, Processing, and Profit tour created by Shoot Dot Edit.  It was cohosted by the San Diego SmugMug group.  The toured featured Zach & Jody Gray, Leeann Marie, and Jared Platt.  The one thing that made this tour special was that it was in the home town of the Shoot Dot Edit founders Jared Bauman and Garrett Delph therefore the crew from Shoot Dot Edit came out as well.  The presentations by all of the presenters were awesome, informative, and very business oriented.  Overall a great tour!

How do you build a freeway? Economics of Scale from  @jaredplatt #sdetour #business #engineering

After the tour I met up a few friends for Sushi at one of the places down the street from the hotel.  It was a nice meeting and chat about food, health, photography, and just doing some catching up.  Overall it was a good day.  It was also there that I realized that I should just let some things and move on.

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