Relax and Chat… Oliver the Foodie, the Friend, the Photographer

Another week has gone by once again.  If you didn’t guess today was Friday.

On the work front all is good, stress is low today it was just another day in the office.  The only thing I had to do that was out of the ordinary was that I once again had to make some modifications to the right way limits and easements that I had submitted last month.  This change was due to the comments that received from another agency that we are working with.  And since we are fast approaching our project deadline this needed to be made.

After work was completed I head over to BMW of San Diego for a checkup on my car.  Earlier in the week the check oil light came on and I thought I wasn’t due for a oil change for awhile.  But being cautious, I decided that it was best just to take it in and have it looked at.  When I arrived, I dropped off my car, handed off the keys, and headed to the waiting room.  Gosh, sounds like a hospital.  LOL.  While I was waiting there I wrote yesterday’s post on my iPhone which I find cool and interesting that I now write more than ever.  I’m still trying to get use to the fact that I don’t have a piece of paper with me all of the time but I think I can get over it.  🙂  It had been 20 minutes since my schedule appointment before the advisor saw me but arrived with good news.  The good news was that nothing was won with my car except that the fluids needed to be top off.  I asked how much that would cost and they said it free of charge.  So they took care of me there.  And while I was getting my car topped off I had a good conversation with one of the technicians there.  Having this conversation reminded of a post that I read from photographer Eric O’Connor who talked about customer service and reminded us to make it about the customer.  In my humble opinion my dealership was just doing that.

When the car was completed I headed grocery store to purchase the ingredients for dinner.  Today’s dinner was Chicken Adobe.  Chicken Adobe is one my go to dinner to make because it easy to make, no fuss, and full of flavor.  I headed to my local Vons to get the ingredients.  Once the ingredients were in hand, I headed home to start cooking.  Prep took about 5 minutes.  And then I just let it simmer for about 30 minutes.

While dinner was cooking I decided to do some work on the HOBY packages that I have been working on.  So the DVD burning began with another round of DVDs being burned.  I think I will need to find a way to work this out for a faster return because this burning of DVD one at a time is not working.

Now with dinner cooked, it being hot, and it being Friday, I figure it would be a good time to hang out with my buddy Dave and have some dessert.  So I chatted with him via the internets and decided that dessert was in the plans.  Today’s dessert was a mix of Ice Cream and Coffee.

Around 8pm, I headed over to Dave’s place to get him.  It was 8pm because we both had some work to do that we wanted to complete beforehand.  We knew that if we hung out we would chat for a couple of hours so we might as well get some work done before we head out.  When I got Dave it was decided that we would try something new that we haven’t been too or at least a place that Dave has not tried out yet.  Today’s new place was Moo Time Creamery.

Getting some Ice Cream with @davidjcrewe #hangout #foodie

Moo Time Creamery is another one of my favorite places to get ice cream in town.  All of the ice cream is just homemade and made everyday, and every flavor is seasonal.  Another reason that I like going there is that it is in Coronado.  Coronado is the typical small town American town located right in our backyard.  So when I go to Moo Time it is an opportunity to get that feeling of nostalgia.  Moo Time is definitely decorated in the 1950s ice cream parlor style.  The palor is decorated with a checkerboard pattern tile floor, old fashion soda machine with unique soda flavors, and on one wall many of the accolades that it has gotten over the years adorns one wall.  And from the ceiling hangs a kids plane rider.

Flight of fancy... #mootime

Summer Treat.. #foodie

The ice cream here comes in many varieties and you’ll have to come to see what is available.  I got the toasted Coconut and Mango Sherbet today.  I was feeling a tropical this evening.  Dave got their Double Dark Chocolate and the Coconut.  As tradition follows, I usually pick up the tab when my friends go to one of my favorite places for the first time.  After getting our Ice Cream sat and chatted for a bit.

When our Ice Cream was happily consumed we headed for part two of the evening which was coffee.  Today’s coffee stop was Cafe Vero in Mission Hills.  Coffee was a nice way to close off the evening.  With coffee in hand we grab a sit out and just chatted about all thing photography.  One of the cool things that we discussed about was that we should definitely try to get an office space for ourselves for the photography.  Which these days, i’m seriously considering more and more because I would like to up the feel and look of my photography company.  So that this point only time will tell.  Hopefully this will happen sooner than later.  We finished up around midnight and headed home.  Good times, good discussion, and a good evening.  🙂

Sip... #coffee

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