Planning and Coffee… Oliver the Photographer, the ideamaker

Today was planning day with Hollie.  We were planning and plotting out the day that I would help her photograph her first booked wedding.  As a friend and fellow photographer I was happy to help her.  It’s cool to see a friend graduate to this level in photography.  When I first met Hollie, she didn’t know what aperture, shutter, and iso was and hot they relate to each other.  And it was after our first hang out that see made the jump to manual.  And ever since then I have watched her consistently improve and make so much progress.  She definatly has made the leap from hobbyist to professional.  This wedding that I am helping her plan will be her first booked wedding that she booked last year and it finally arrived.

The wedding will take place at the Jolla Cove area in the La Jolla Bridge clubhouse.  Hollie and I headed over to La Jolla Cove to do the planning.  However it being summer meant that there would be crowds and surely we were right.  But what made things even more interesting was that there was the La Jolla Coast Music concerts going on at the same time which ensured there was a lot of people in the park where the wedding was to take place.  So our first concern was how to make sure that Aarron and Erin would have a private imtimate wedding and we would be able to do our photography as intended.

While we where at the La Jolla Bridge club, Hollie and I worked out and reviewed the schedule to make sure that we got everything covered.  It was cool to collaborate with her.  But for myself, I wanted to make sure that she knew that it was her wedding and I was there to assist her with whatever she needed me to do to help here out.  I was more than happy to give her my opinion as long as it was ask but I wanted to make sure that I didn’t step on any toes.

After reviewing a few spots around the bridge club we headed over to the next location to do some scouting.  Since this wedding had a first look componenet, it was vitale that we found a place that would work for this momentious event.  It would be the first time that the bride and groom would see each other.  At first we thought the hotel where they were getting ready would work however we found out that there is a wedding already taking place atop the roof which we thought would be a perfect spot to do the first look.  But no worries, Hollie and I found a spot about 1/4 block away in a access walkway that was private and lovely.  This location would be ideal because it would the bride and groom the opportunity to be with each other before the ceremony and with family and friends.

So after we found this place we discovered that it was close to 4pm which is the time that Hollie needed to get back to her place so that she could head off to a birthday party.  And off we went.  Looks like we will be doing some more homework for this wedding coming up again.

After I dropped off Hollie,  I didn’t feel like heading home just yet, so I called up my friend Dave to see what he was up too.  Turns out he had a busy day at home doing some organization, cleaning, and editing.  So hearing that and me wanting something else to do after the scouting I asked if he would like to grab some coffee.  And he said sure.  So I head over to he’s place to grab him and we went to get some coffee and for me dessert.

When coffee and dessert was done I headed home to do more work and burn dvds for the HOBY kids.  I got another 14 DVD burned and ready to be mailed for the next day.  And the rest of the evening was just spent resting and relaxing before another work day ahead.

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