Productive & Lazy Days… Oliver the Photographer

Saturdays are one of those days usually reserved just chilling out and getting some work done.  Today it was one of those days.  I actually got up early and decided to catch up and write my Friday post.  Yes, if you are reading this you are wondering why is a Friday post being done on Saturday.  Well the truth is that I got home late from my Friday evening and I was tried that I just went to bed. So when I’m tried I usually just wait until the next day to post from the previous.

Today was productive in many sorts.  Today i got a majority of my HOBY job DVDs burned and labeled and ready for mailing to the kids.  I also got to go through some old photography work and get them reprocessed and edited per what I have learned what I can do with Photoshop and how my photography look has changed.

Other than being productive, today was also a day where laziness is okay.  I think there are days where you need to let your mind and body rest and give yourself permission to just do nothing.  When you do this you allow your body to have a rest.  Resting is needed, I think to be able to get the most out of your ideas and start fresh with new ones.  So today after lunch, I did some work on the computer and slow but surely feel asleep for a bit while I was on the computer.

The rest of the day was just spent working on the ongoing photography files that have backed up.  A lot of the photography work that I have done was put back because I had to work on the “client” work.  Get those out and sent to them so that I can get them all worked and off of the task list.  This is one of the difficulties that I have faced over the time while I’ve tried to balance my side job of photography, the day job, and the personal life.  Sometimes balancing the three of these things gets the best of me and I can’t make the expectation that have set for myself.  I think the best I have to do let some of the things I do go and make more sacrifices.  Doing that I know will make things a heck of a lot better than they are now.  I need to finish up a couple more jobs and make them go away and start fresh.  Currently what I have on my plate is the following items:

1)  Continue to write everyday on the personal blog.  So far so good on this task.

2)  Update / rework the Photography Business website.

3)  Ship more work out there.  Get my work exposed to more people and been seen.

4)  Stop delaying on things and not be lazy.

5)  Work on lowering my debt (Financial and personal)

So those now in the open and with your encouragement, accountability, and support.  I hope to get these things out of my hair so that I can start making the changes that are needed for me to live the life that I wan to live.

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