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Miho Gastrotruck presents:

The Vetted Table by @mihogastrotruck #popup #foodie

The Vetted Table is a new food experience created by the same food truck that produces the most fantastic burgers on the street. In the spirit of trying out new things, Miho Gastrotruck, created and hosted a pop up restaurant at one of their favorite places in San Diego. The Vetted Table was held at North Park’s El Take it Easy.

El Take it Easy is located in the heart of North Park on 30th street where it meets University Ave. The restaurant is a feast for the eyes as it is full of architectural elements that give its rustic urban feel. Some of my favorite elements of El Take it Easy was the exposed ceiling where you can see the ribs of the building. Another feature that I liked was the use of the wood which to me looked like it was created from recycled wood. The character of each of the elements added to the experience.

The candle lit restaurant was buzzing with people when my buddy Dave and I arrived. We where greeted at the door by Matt and the staff for El Take it Easy. When we checked in, we both were given an envelope which contain the menu of the evening. It is the nice touches like this that adds to the experience.
And that what the whole evening was about. Miho’s Vetted Table was about creating a new experience. It’s so awesome to see that MIHO is getting into other avenues for food. From food trucks to a off the hook hotdog stand aka Stand and Deliver, MIHO at Home and now the Vetted Table. What MIHO to me is an example of doing what you are passionate and interested can lead to success. It is also good to note everyone of their endeavors are all different but all go well together.
Upon sitting Dave and I were given a amuse vouch as a pallet cleanser and like the rest of the evening a pairing. When we both sat down, we where greeted by Juan. Juan is the Mi in MIHO. We chatted for a bit. Juan was excited for the evening and you could see and hear. I only wish the best for them. Soon after our very perky sever ask us if we want to do the pairings, we decided why not and we went for it. We both knew that of we were in for the experience that we should experience every option.



While we waited for the first course to be served to us Dave and I talked about how we could possible work out a deal and start our own office space so that way we can all work together and have a space that we can create and do the work, and have a place to meet and present with clients. It discussed what part of town, how, and who we would love to have and share the space with, etc etc.

The first coarse of the dinner came out which was a summer garden salad and paired with tangled root cocktail.  The summer garden was absolutely delightful.  The special ingredient of the evening on the summer garden was the “dirt.”  Wow, the dirt was tasty for sure.  It was one of those things that you just had to try to understand.  It definately laid out the frame work for the rest of the evening.

Summer Garden paired with Tangled roots from @mihogastrotruck #thevettedtable #popup #foodie

The next coarse after the summer garden was a corn soup which was perfectedly paired with a drinked called the Veracruz.  The corn soup was served hot and fresh from the kettle and poured in front of you.  Having this done was an experience in itself.  It made the soup taste even better.  Not saying that the soup wasn’t great already.  But the soup was absolutely fantastic.  It tasted like a fresh corned just picked from the farm and served.  It was also topped with nice slice of bacon on top.  So good.

Corn Soup & The New Black paired with Veracruz from @mihogastrotruck & Chef @rupski23 #thevettedtable #popup #foodie

Following the Corn soap was the main dish of the evening.  The dish was called; The Mathematician and the Villian.  The dish was composed of a beef that has been stewed for over three days.  And the villian was a dish made out of octopus and vegetables.

The Mathematician, the Villain paired with Meyer's Brig from @mihogastrotruck & Chef @rupski23 #thevettedtable #popup #foodie

The last dish of the evening was some Summer Fruits with Watermelon 4.0!  Wow wow wow.  This dish was absolutely a great way to end the dinner.  The summer fruits was composed of watermelon balls and baby heirloom totmaotes.  Oh many who would ever think to put the two the together but it sure was a nice combination.  Also mixed into the fruits was the some nice refreshing ice cream.  The watermelon 4.0 was a highlight and a nice way to drink the dinner way.

Summer Fruits paired with Watermelon 4.0 from @mihogastrotruck & Chef @rupski23 #thevettedtable #popup #foodie
Overall the experience at the Vetted Table was an absolutely fun time, filled with great food, conversation, and great atomosphere.  I recommend, that if you have an nack for some food, look for Miho Gastrotruck!

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