Slow Down

There are times in your creative endeavors that you have slow down and take time for yourself. It’s easy these days to distract yourself with the “work” and the creative pursues that you could burn yourself out. And the best way that I have found is to take a break and do a self reflection.
When you take time to do such things, it will give you the opportunity clear your mind and see new opportunities that are blinded by the “distractions.” One way that I take time to clear my mind is to leave my normal surroundings and reconnect with another environment. The photo that you see, was captured on a trip I took with my good buddy Mikey.
On this trip, Mikey and I went to one of my favorite places, Yosemite National Park. It was a nice relaxing getaway. These are the kind of trips have taught me over the years to slow down and take my time. I didn’t go trigger happy like I use to do rather I took time to think about the shots carefully and consider the composition, quality of light, the framing, and the story I was going to tell with the image.
The photo that you see is a result of slowing down, literally. This is a 20 second exposure taken during the day. I used my 3 stop Cokin Filter to cut out the light so that the shot would not be over exposed and I would get the nice blur in the water. And I politely ask Mikey to sit as still as possible so he could be in the shot.
In the time that it took to make this shot, I just cleared my mind, took the sound of the stream, took in some deep breathes, and felt the cool breeze blew through the trees. It felt as if I was the only on there, I wasn’t of course. Right behind me is the main path to Bridalveil Falls with people walking to and from the viewing point. In the creation of this shot I got to relax.
So take a trip and relax. Make it about the trip itself and about the people you are with. When you do this, you will be more recharged and ready take on the world once again.

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