Oliver the Blogger…and starting up again

Today, I make the commitment to begin writing and sharing my thoughts and days with the world. Time and time again, I have heard from friends that they actually enjoy and like seeing my post that I did. Hearing this always makes me go, REALLY?! You actually read what I put out there and like it. Wow, I didn’t even know. So I’m going to commit the following;

– I will post here at least 3 times a week. Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Although I could post more than the promised 3.

– I will improve and update the following: about, foodie, and traveler section.

Due September 5th.

– I will add a “bookworm” page that I will write and review books I have read or listen too lately.

Due August 29.

This will be a living document where I will share with you all the crazy things that I do in my life from A to Z.

Please if you are reading let me know your thoughts and feedback. Accountability is key, if you can help keep me accountable that will be greatly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Oliver the Blogger…and starting up again

  1. Randy Fleet says:

    Great job! I really enjoy your writings, Oliver. As your friend, I promise to keep you accountable and provide encouragement.

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