Oliver the Friend…Talking and Listening

I love to talk. I have always been known in the family as the talkative one. I was and sometimes still that curious little boy who loved tell mom and dad about that new thing I learned. I was always to share the knowledge with other to help them see more and understand why things are the way they are. Even to this day when you get to know me, I throw out random facts about people, places, and things. Sometimes to unsuspecting friends and strangers it would come off that I have been to a place that I never have been to before.

One of my favorite passages growing up was looking at maps and our collection of encyclopedias that my mom and dad bought when my sister and I were young. These books would entertain me for hours while I would go page to page examining the pictures and trying to understand them so I can tell others about it. I always felt growing up that if I was curious about something someone else was bound to be curious as well. For the most this was the case however I was always disappointed when I find out that a person wasn’t interested at all. I didn’t understand as a kid why random fact about the place that they were in didn’t matter to them. And this even Madeira want to dig deeper. So I would ask why? Why? Why? And eventually I would get an answer from that person. And sometimes not being satisfied to what they said I would it look up to just make sure that they didn’t just tell something so I would forget.

Over time this questioning stop because I would often find that most people just didn’t enjoy the questions or random fact that would say. So I stopped. But when someone would give a listen and they seem genuinely I would go on and on like when I was a younger. And I an talk.
Secondly, I also love to listen to people’s stories. Growing up I love sitting near my mom, dad, aunties and uncles when we would have parties. I would sit there listening to the stories they where telling to one another. At least with my aunties hey would always be surprise to find out that I would understand what they were saying. And I would love to hear the banter that my uncles would do when they hung out. It was such a great way to listen nail earn how to tell stories to a captive audience. It was during these times that I learned about listening for the details and finding the connection between parts of the stories and then I would go further to connect to the things that was being said. One of my favorite things to do was get quizzed by my uncles about all things geography and transportation. I would get ask questions about these things and I would answer them with so much confidence that sometime I would get frustrated when they didn’t believe in me even after showed them that it was true with what I was saying.

So to this day when I hang out with friends and family I’m a talker. I chat about some of the most random things with them but that’s because I find out details about them when they chat about things. I’m always keeping mental notes about people on my head and when I find something for them I would email, Facebook message, etc them the information. I do this because I genuinely would like them to get their questions answered or have their issues resolved for them. So when you hang out with me don’t mind me talking or in the opposite case don’t mind me being quiet because I’m always listening and will have the best of intentions for you.

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