Oliver the Friend…and finding a tribe of friends

Growing up I wasn’t the popular kid nor was I part of the in crowd. I would say that I was purely independent and happy with that. But there were times more times than not that I was excluded from doing and hanging out with certain people and groups that I just didn’t fit in. Experiencing those was one of the hardest things that I had to deal with. I don’t blame this experience but it is because of this that I have become a little skeptical when some people / groups want me to take part in any activities. My usual first conclusion is, they want something from me and then afterwards I would be no use anymore. And most of the time this was the case.

These experiences where one of the hardest things to deal with and endure while I was growing up. Being excluded because I didn’t fit in was really hurtful and hard to deal with for me. I didn’t cry but my feeling and heart were bruised and aching.

The way I death with this was by keeping myself busy with things that I enjoyed and loved. Those things included playing sim city, sketching out buildings and cities, and keeping with my studies. I had friends I could hang out with but the fear of being left out of things made avoid hanging out with them sometimes. I didn’t want to put myself through that.

The one thing that did help was that I knew that there where people and friends out there to be made that would like me for me and wouldn’t intentionally leave me out.

And I did eventually find those friends. These are friends that I feel completely myself and I genuinely get excited to hangout, catchup, and be around with.

One group of friends are a few from high school. These friends I met through the sports I did in high school. These friends I connected with because they not only supported me. They also challenged me and humbled me. These are the friends that nominated me not because I was the fastest but because of my heart. One these friends, I fondly remember said to me, you have good heart. Which at time and even today means so much to me. Hearing that made me see that I was doing exactly what I was suppose to do, which was to be a friend and care and support those around me.

In addition to these friends are some friends that met in elementary school and junior high school that I’m still friends with to this day. These are the friends that when I hangout with them it feels like I just say the, last week. These are the friends that I made during the years of rejection, that didn’t reject me but wanted to be my friend. And to those friends, your friendship over the years have been great. And although we don’t talk much these days, but when we do hangout we start where we just left off. I sincerely cherish and I’m very thankful for our friendship.

The next set of friends where the ones that I met in college. These are the friends that hung out with and grew together with during those formative college years. These are also the friends that I got drunk with the first time but cared for me and made sure that I was taken of. I know it is funny to call people friends when they got you drunk however these are the types of friends that you can trust. They are the ones that will care for you no matter what. These are the friends that on drop of a dime will go out of their way to help you out when you are need. They are also the friends that will challenge you and humble you. They are the brothers and sisters that you didn’t have but you have now because you have such a bond with them. And these are the types of friends that you really need in life.

And then there’s a new set of friends that along with my previous set of friends have help me embrace a new me and let see that my dreams and ideas are more possible than before. These friends I have only met and made recently. However in the short time that we have gotten to know each other, I have grown close and find of each and everyone of them. These friends are not just great friends but they are sources of inspiration. They have not only let me see the impossible as possible but they like my other friends have challenged, humbled, and care for me like family. It is when I’m with these friends that I get my batteries recharge and feel content and peace. I can take a deep breathe and feel relax. I’m grateful and lucky to have met these friends and connected to them on another level that I haven’t been able before. And that’s not to say that my friends previously mentioned didn’t do that because they did in a lot of ways. I just wasn’t there yet in my life and ready however they are part of my life now and only made it richer. But this set of friends have enriched my soul, mind, spirit, thought, and dreams become alive and ready to burst out. They are there to help celebrate for what I can offer to the community at large. And they do so willing not because they have to but because they WANT to be there and only want me to see me succeed.

My tribe of friends however small is a very special and tight knit of friends. If you are reading this you will know who you are. And I want you to know I appreciate whole heartedly very hi, how are you, smile, hug, hand shake, laugh, encouragement, joke, high five, question, and moment that I share with each and everyone of you. You guys give me so much and don’t ask for anything in return, you just genuinely want to care for me. I and blessed and happy to have you part of my life. You give me peace, energy, and love like a family does. And with the biggest hug and heart; THANK YOU! <3

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    • Oliver Asis says:

      Thank you Dan! I’m glad you like the piece. And a sincere and wholehearted thanks and gratitude for the well wishes. That means a lot! I’m glad that we were able to meet up while at WDS! Happy and fun travels to both you and Audrey. 🙂

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